Still Breathing

Yes, I’m still here! I’m taking a break from blogging because we have been so busy. We spent months getting our house ready to sell, finally put it on the market, and sold it in a day! Exciting, right? Except, now we have no place to go! We have been looking and looking for just the right place and still haven’t found it.

Now we’re busy packing and house hunting.

I hope to have photos of “the new house” to share soon! Houses here have been selling so quickly. If you’re not in on the first day and get your offer in immediately, you don’t have a chance. We did find two we liked, but got out bid on the first one (I think the people were crazy to pay what they did) and didn’t even get the chance to make an offer on the second house.We’re hoping that an adorable vintage style farmhouse that will be listed next week is as cute inside as it is outside.

I do have a few cards and projects I’ve made recently that I can share soon – just have to get the photos off of my camera!

I received some more good news – Cards magazine wants to feature me as their “artist of the month.” Problem is, I never received the email request and missed the deadline for the September issue. So now they’re trying to figure out where to fit me in.

Husband and I will also be celebrating our 10th anniversary next week and are taking a trip to the Steel Magnolias House in Natchitoches, LA. I’m sure I’ll have beautiful photos to share from that trip!

4 comments to Still Breathing

  • David  says:

    Congratulations on the Cards Magazine honor! I’m sure they will find a place to fit you in soon.

  • dianapena8  says:

    OMG! That is huge news, you deserve to be artist of the month because you are so talented 🙂 I’ll need a sign copy of that cards issue
    Congrats on selling your house, and I am sure you’ll find a great house soon.

  • Audrey Pettit  says:

    Wow, one day?? That is amazing, Erica! And I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you about that little farmhouse!
    Huge congrats on getting the Cards magazine artist of the month! I’m soooo not surprised that they picked you. Can’t wait to see!

  • Unknown  says:

    Any luck this weekend?

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