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Fabric Bookmarks

I made these bookmarks using scraps leftover from other projects. They were published in the recent Create: Vintage magazine.

The white fabric is the hem from an old tablecloth that I used for a couple of upholstery projects. Then I added old lace/crochet trim, scraps of paper coated in Ice Resin, some fancy stitching, and vintage flowers. I added an eyelet to the top of each and added ribbon or fibers to finish them off.

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Ribbon Bookmarks

About a year and a half ago, I found Andrea Singarella’s blog. It was love at first site. Her art is so soft and beautiful. The first project I saw was her velvet ribbon bookmarks with vintage baubles. (Check it out here.) Since I am a hoarder collector of vintage bits and bobs, I wanted some ribbon bookmarks for myself. I scoured the local bead stores for the ribbon clamps, but found only one package of two. So, I made a pretty little bookmark.

I was shopping at JoAnn’s on Saturday, and found a few packages of the ribbon clamps on sale, so I bought what they had. Now I can make more! My MIL has a birthday this week, so I made a beaded cross for her and turned it into a bookmark.

I’m so happy that I was able to get my hands on these ribbon clamps...

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