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Healing Heartache

To add to the stress of selling our house and trying to find one to buy, we lost our oldest cat about a month ago. She was 13.5 years old. I had her longer than the husband. I received a few cards soon after she died, and I couldn’t even read them. A piece of my heart was missing.

Then yesterday, I received a card from Lily Munchkin. Her artwork was so sweet and thoughtful that I had to share it.

You can see my sister’s written explanation of this one at the top: Angel dancing on the clouds up in Heaven.
(Do you see how she signs her name with a heart? She noticed me doing that on my projects when she was here at Christmas and she started doing the same 🙂

This one is Lily, Husband, and me walking our three cats on leashes...

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Still Breathing

Yes, I’m still here! I’m taking a break from blogging because we have been so busy. We spent months getting our house ready to sell, finally put it on the market, and sold it in a day! Exciting, right? Except, now we have no place to go! We have been looking and looking for just the right place and still haven’t found it.

Now we’re busy packing and house hunting.

I hope to have photos of “the new house” to share soon! Houses here have been selling so quickly. If you’re not in on the first day and get your offer in immediately, you don’t have a chance. We did find two we liked, but got out bid on the first one (I think the people were crazy to pay what they did) and didn’t even get the chance to make an offer on the second house...

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Thank you for entering my Spring Folk magazine giveaway.

The winner is….


Congratulations! I’ll get this beautiful magazine out to you this week.

Happy Spring!

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Welcome Spring Giveaway

Even though it officially arrived two weeks ago, I know it didn’t feel like it for most. I hope the spring weather is finally starting to creep into your part of the world.

To help its arrival, I am giving away a copy of the Spring issue of Folk magazine.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post by midnight ET Sunday, April 7. I’ll pick a random winner on Monday, April 8. One way or another, spring will get to you!

Good luck!

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Farewell Craft Room

My craft room is all packed up, into 45 boxes that are now filling our storage unit.

This area was my work station, with boxes of ribbons, stamps, flowers, and bling filling the shelves. Old books, ephemera, Christmas supplies, and a lot “miscellany” filled the cabinets and drawers. I also displayed many of the beautiful gifts people have made for me over the years.

And this is what it looks like now:

This wall was full of built-in shelves, cabinets, and drawers that held most of my supplies.

And now it’s a big mess. Even my “Glitter shelves” behind the door are gone.

We are completely gutting the room to fix the series of odd changes and cracks and bumps in the walls from previous owners. We are scraping the ceiling of the ugly popcorn texture, and putting in new carpet...

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